With common usage and short lifespan, selling hair can be a truly beneficial business. Numerous young ladies fantasy about having their own hair brand. Today, I want to share for you step by step: how to become a hair weave distributor and have your own hair business with a little money.

To become a hair weave distributor, there are 5 things you ought to plan first:

1. Brand Definition 

Brand Definition 

Brand Definition 

To become a hair distributor, first you should make a hair brand. Brand name, brand logo, brand meaning… It doesn’t make any difference what the brand name is. Just the way you like is OK. You can name the brand from your own background, why you started your hair business, how you might want to maintain your hair business, what kind of  weave hair extensions you intend to sell… vietnamese hair, chinese hair or brazilan hair? Straight hair or curly hair?

Both long or short brand names are ok. But, I recommend short ones, which can be perceived and recalled without any problem. 

2. Packaging Customization 

Packaging Customization 

Packaging Customization 

An impressively packaged bundle can give your clients an excellent initial feeling. Most bundles are with brand data, how to purchase, phone number, email, how to care… You can look in Google for reference. In case you’re bad at Photoshop. I recommend using canva and finding a good design, and customize it to fit your brand.

The bundle materials are important too. Great materials can not just help your items prevent bad impact from the environment, yet additionally cause your clients to have an impression about your business image. 

The tone must be similar to your logo tone or website tone. Try to make your items have a perfect look, it can bring your brand image up a level quickly.

3. Find a Good Hair Supplier 

Beautiful hair vietnam

Vietnamese human hair factory

This is the most important and difficult thing for most hair businesses. There are such numerous individuals and organizations who mark themselves as reliable hair factory, hair vendors. Suppliers might not hair factories, and hair factories may not supply hair directly. Most hair suppliers we find are just distributors, who buy hair from hair factories and afterward exchange them with higher prices. In my opinion, it is smarter to follow a reliable hair supplier who has a great partnership with good hair factories.

Great/top hair factories just consider their huge customers. In case you’re with huge potential, it’s OK. Yet, concerning small businesses or start-up businesses with a few budgets, I truly propose you work with a supplier who might be center men. They will consistently answer to your issues ideal and calmly 

Try not to come to a final conclusion after meeting a few hair suppliers. At any rate, you should reach and test 10 hair suppliers.

To check hair quality you must check all aspects including smell, surface and lifespan, is it human hair or synthetic hair? 20″ length is ideal. On the off chance that you have cash and order hair from a supplier, every 20″ length hair per bundle is ideal. 

For instance, I regularly request 20″ body waves bundles with normal color for testing. In the event that I need to test the organization which I think it could be dependable on, I will order more samples including body wave, unusual wavy, deep wave, straight, ombre, piano, light color, dark color…

4. Great Logistics Service 

A good hair business in addition to good quality products with beautiful bundling has an effective shipping. While picking coordination organizations, you have to think about cost, time and the policy if harm will happen to your orders. Great support is also an important factor.

5. An Online Store 

There are not many ideas on this point since I’m not good at websites. However, I believe that a hair business with their own website will be more reliable and It’s also more convenient for their customers to buy hair.

So, I recommend that you should ask for help from IT. You can make an incredible online store, which is totally not expensive when you use WordPress, Woocommerce. It is definitely an awesome decision. 

The overall plan for questions “How to become a hair weave distributor”.

These tips are only my own experience. Leave your recommendation to join the discussion!

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