Bulk hair

Bulk hair implies several hair bundles are tied with elastic bands. When someone talks about bulk hair, they do not refer weft hair (sew-in hair extensions). Vietnamese bulk hair is almost through no chemical process. Therefore, it remains the nature, feature and shine of its own hair. Bulk hair is more and more popular due to its affordable price and its easy-to-use hair type.

Bulk hair has many uses such as to make hair weft, clip-in hair, I-tip hair, U-tip hair, tape-in hair, customised wigs, V-tip hair. You can also braid and use it for the knotting technique. So, it’s easy to understand why bulk hair is usually bought wholesale at a lower cost when purchasing retailing.

Types of bulk hair

  1. Single drawn bulk hair

👉 Single drawn hair is the standard bulk hair thickness that many hair stores/hair factories offer and is always available. It is also a common choice for customers. Single drawn is thick at the top and taper off towards the end because it contains about 50% full-length hair and 50% shorter length hair. For example: Let’s take a single drawn bulk hair of 20’’. 50% of these bundles are likely 20’’, besides that, half of the bundles is a combination of hair with length is about 14-16’’.

👉 Single drawn bulk hair is highly recommended if you like a natural finish because your hair grows naturally with different lengths. Consequently, the hair is full and thicker at the top and thinner towards the bottom. Single drawn is the perfect option for those who look for a natural look with volume at the bottom is unimportant.

  1. Double drawn bulk hair

👉 Double drawn is very thick from the top to the bottom with 70-80% the same hair in length. It will give you a full look at your lock after applying it. Double drawn hair extension is considered a great option for those who want to add more volume and charm.

👉 Double drawn bulk hair is definitely more expensive than single drawn bulk hair. However, due to its thickness, you do not purchase as many bundles as single drawn hair for a full head. The shorter hair at the end of a single drawn hair extension is replaced with thicker hair of double hair. So for the example above, 50% of 14-16 inches is replaced by 20-30% of full long hair likely 20 inches.

Bulk hair is the basic and traditional hair type which you can make many other extension hair types from it. As the result, the cost is also the cheapest compared to other machining hair types. The price is based on many factors such as the quality and length, textures… In Beautiful Hair VN, we always offer you high-quality Vietnamese bulk hair products like single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn at a lower price in contrast with other Vietnamese hair suppliers. The reason why? Because we have our own Vietnam hair factory. You can get more useful information about our hair company with customers’ reviews.



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