When it talks about bundles & closure, they always refer to hair bundles – the most common hair terminology. The hair stores will offer you the set of 3-4 bundles for a package. Usually, a hair bundle is 8 to 32 inches long. To clear, hair bundles are the weft hair that is sewn in or loosely rolled, tied to add more volume for your hair.

A lace closure is one type of hair extension. Its hair strands are glued or sewn onto a lace. But most of the time, a closure is sewn for its firm. The typical size of closures is 4×4 inches. But Vietnamese hair factories wanna satisfy their customers so they also offer 4×6, 2×4 inches alternatives to decide on.

Bundle with closure

Half spring curly -1b

Bundle with closure

natural wavy #1b

Bundle with closure

weave and closure

Bundle with closure

kinky curly #1b

Bundle with closure

deep curly #1b

Bundle with closure

Deep Curly hair

✍️ We have 3 popular choices for you to pick a closure:

πŸ‘‰ Free-part closure: no matter part you desire, this free-part closure is perfect for you.

πŸ‘‰ Middle-part closure: is the most popular closure. So the closure is divided into 2 parts like your normal hair.

πŸ‘‰ Three-part closure: has three pre-plucked sections which are the most suitable to make β€œ2 twist/braid” at the front.

Purchasing bundles with closure will give a full head of hair extensions. But choosing the correct length and quantity of bundles is not an easy task for you to get a wishing hairstyle. Customers usually ask us β€œSo how many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?”. Honestly, to reply to this question, we have to ask you back lots of questions about your hair texture, the length you wanna get, how big is your head… Therefore, you should ask the Vietnam hair vendor you buy individually. However, still, a general rule is that β€œthe longer length of hair extensions is, the more bundles you will need”.

3 is a kinda standard for you to measure. Normally, our customers make a purchase of 1 lace closure with 3 bundles with 14’’ to 20’’. This will give you a full and glamorous look. Less long than that, you can think about getting 2 bundles. You should consider 4, 5 Vietnamese hair bundles if the length you want is over 22’’.

When hair is sewn onto a braid or styled to any wishing style. To get a seamless look, you should choose Vietnam human hair bundles and lace closures and which suits yours cause a human hair wig will make you stand out among other people. Vietnamese human hair bundles with closure are highly recommended by certificated stylists due to their strength, durability and shine. When a bundle and closure is installed correctly to make a wig, it looks beautiful and smooth. The common way is to customise African-American wigs ranging from different elements: texture, volume, colour.

At Beautiful Hair VN, we only provide high-quality hair bundles and lace closures to make customised wigs. We have a unique dyeing hair process to make the hair is outstanding compared to other hair manufacturers.