weave hair

Weave hair refers to hair extension. Weave hair is usually used by women worldwide, the percentage of black women using it is higher. You can install it by weaving it into your hair or glueing to your hair from the track. The reason hair extensions are attractive is that it allows you to change your glamorous look instantly, add more length & volume to your natural lock.

We have several sorts of Vietnamese hair weave to select.

Honest advice is that you should dig into that information in case the seller will trick you about weave hair types. They come in various lengths, styles and textures.

👉 Virgin hair – Vietnamese human hair is not processed chemically, 100% pure. This hair is come from only one donor.

👉 Remy hair – This is 100% Vietnamese human hair is taken from some donors, but the cuticles are in the same direction, the strands from the tip and the end are equally. Remy hair is the most popular hair weave type that many hair vendors offer.

👉 Non-Remy hair – Non-remy hair is opposite to Remy hair with the strands from the tip and the root being mixed, not in the same direction. One more thing about Vietnamese non-remy hair is that it throughs chemical process.

Normally, hair extensions’ customers opt for Remy hair. If they have a prosperous budget, you would go for Vietnamese virgin hair. Best human hair weaves are available with lengths are 8-32 inches. It would be rare for your look if you apply 40-inch hair bundles to your natural hair.

When it comes to texture, we have 3 main hair weave textures that you select: straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair.

Straight hair: Straight, firm, sleek are the characteristics of Vietnamese straight hair. In Beautiful Hair VN, we only provide straight with well-knotted from the tip to the bottom.

3 leading kinds of straight hair have:

  1. Single Drawn: It is thick at the tip and tapers off towards the bottom because it contains several lengths of hair.
  2. Double Drawn: the quality of it is better than single drawn due to its thickness and fullness at the top and the bottom with 70-80% of the strands with the same length. Double drawn extensions are a best-seller in the hair industry.
  3. Super double drawn: It is the thickest hair amongst 3 primary sorts of straight hair. With more than 90% of hair strands having the same length, super double drawn is full from the top to the end you cannot really see the difference between the tip and the bottom. Therefore, it is the most expensive one.

Curly hair: It is pretty fluffy and looks like miniature springs. Curly hair appears S-shaped ranging from loose, buoyant loops too tight or like the springy corkscrews. Curly human hair weave is non-chemically made of 100% Remy unprocessed hair. Curls are stylish and shiny for your look.

Wavy hair: It has a traditional S pattern. Weaves are bendable and easily be spotted among people. Unlike curly hair, wavy weave human hair is easy to straighten, in the middle of straight and curly hair. Vietnamese human wavy hair can last about 2-3 years with properly caring.